Bichitra's 2018-2020 Executive Committee

Mr. Pijush Majumdar - President

Warm greetings to all our members. By profession Pijush is a registered pharmacist and by heart he is a pure Bengali who loves to be involved in community activities & help others irrespective of race, religion & ethnicity! His favorite hobby is to travel different parts of this planet while exploring different cultures and people from different ethnicity. Other than the Bengali food, he is crazy about Cantonese style chinese food. Unlike lot of other winnipegers, Pijush is a big fan of Winnipeg winter. Favourite time pass - watching Netflix thriller series & spending time with family/friends.

Mrs. Karabi Roy Chowdhury - Vice President

Karabi Roy Chowdhury is currently serving as the Vice President of Bichitra for 2018-20. Durga Puja is a time of celebration. May the divine blessings of Goddess Durga enrich your life and fill your home and heart with happiness and joy. Wish you a happy Durga Puja!

Mr. Asit Dey - Ex. President

Asit is currently working as a Senior Environmental Engineer with the Province. His hobbies include volunteering at various community and professional organizations at various capacities. He loves to cook food, dance, and make friends. He is a person with positive attitude and believes sky can be reached with hard work and passion. He loves cultural activities and believes in proliferating Bengali culture in Canada. Happy Durga Puja.

Mr. Arindam Sarkar - General Secretary

Arindam is an active volunteer in the community at various capacities. He was an exec. member at Vedanta Society of Winnipeg, is an active volunteer at Agape Table, technology evangelist at WSD, fundraiser at JDRF and contemplative speaker. He is a technology enthusiast, a freelancer in creative writing, an avid reader of science fictions and a die-hard fan of San Antonio Spurs. Apart from his volunteering activities, he is a management consultant by profession – a day job that helps him pay his bills and keeps his family happy.

Mrs. Suchita Ghosh - Treasurer

Suchita considers being part of the executive committee a privilege that comes with responsibilities to serve the community with sincerity and to the best of her abilities. As a treasurer she aims to keep the financial transactions transparent and evenhanded. Besides teaching in the Environmental Design Program at the UofM, she loves outdoor activities, dancing, experimenting with cooking and cuddling with her children. She views the relationships formed within the community as an extension of her family in Winnipeg.

Mr. Surjya Banik - Cultural Secretary

Surjya Banik is a Mechanical engineer and currently working as a Power Engineer with the Ministry of Finance, Govt. of Manitoba. He is married to Dr. Mitali Banik and blessed with two daughters. He enjoys listening to devotional and classical music and likes nature, people, and leans towards spiritually focused activities. He is a compassionate, straightforward, and honest person. He prays to Ma Durga to make this world a secure and enjoyable place for everyone to live with joy and harmony. Wish you all enjoy a Joyful and prosperous Durga Puja.

Mr. Swadesh Das - Food Secretary

It has been an honour being a part of Bengali Association Bichitra, Manitoba. Durga puja is a festive occasion, when all over the world celebrate Devi Durga for her blessings, so that we may have the strength to vanquish evil and restore peace and prosperity to this earth. May Durga Maa bring joy to you and your loved ones! Happy Durga Puja!

Mr. Srijeet Saha - Publication Secretary

This year has been a wonderful experience. Srijeet is thankful to the executive committee for setting a positive example. The feeling of festivity has spread all over the world and here in Winnipeg too, the vive is being felt. Agomoni is very much a part of this “Festival of Joy”. And we pay our tributes to Mother Goddess through Agomoni and we pray to bring happiness and peace for all.

Mrs. Anita Pandey - Member-At-Large

Anita became a member of Bichitra from 2005. She loves all community programs organized by Bichitra and mainly the Durga Puja. In 2018 she joined the executive committee as a member-at- large as she likes to work for people and willing to bring new ideas for best interests of the Bengali Bichitra Association. As a profession she is a nurse and is working for Province of Manitoba.

Mr. Neil Ghosh - Member-At-Large

Unnaturally good at trivia contests, hate seafood but love pizza. Top 5 movies: Lord of the Rings, The House of the Devil, Heat, Taken, and Ondine. Two sisters, both older. His #1 vacation destination is Toronto. Top five bands: U2, Behemoth, Sonic Youth, Menomena, and The Hold Steady.