Bichitra Executive Committee (2023-2025)

Dr. Triparna Lahari

Dr. Triparna Lahari Ghosh is a senior scientist with a passion for researching plant genetics. Beyond her professional pursuits, Triparna is also dedicated to volunteering in her community and advocating for Inclusion and Diversity. Her leadership skills extend to chairing a Canada-wide Inclusion and Diversity council through her work. When not working, Triparna enjoys expressing herself creatively through dance, group choreography, painting, cooking, and embarking on road trips. Her favorite pastime, however, is doing creative projects with her children, Ronav and Rahini, and sharing her love of art and culture with them.

Pijush Majumder
Vice President

Pijush is a registered pharmacist by profession and a pure Bengali by heart who loves to get involved in community activities & help others irrespective of race, religion & ethnicity. His favorite hobby is to travel while exploring different cultures and people from different ethnicity. Other than the Bengali food, he is crazy about Cantonese style Chinese food. Unlike a lot of other Winnipeggers, Pijush is a big fan of Winnipeg winter.

Rashmita Chatterjee
General Secretary

Rashmita is a PhD student in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Manitoba. She strongly believes in giving back to the community and serves as an active volunteer at various organizations in different capacities. Rashmita loves travelling, dancing and eating and in winter you might spot her outside skating or tobogganing like a true Winnipegger.

Asim Chaudhuri

Switched career to IT after having worked in the Banking sector for more than two decades. Highly interested in adventurous sports like rock climbing, trekking, and mountaineering. Participated in several high-altitude expeditions. Have a decade-long experience in subarctic climate of Northern Manitoba

Samrat Dutta
Cultural Secretary

Samrat by profession is a Computer Engineer holding a Masters in Computer Science from University of Calcutta (Rajabazar Science College , Kolkata). He has a strong affinity for exploring new things, has a passion for cooking and loves to listen to music from almost every genre. Samrat loves to get involve in various community activities and spend time with his wife and daughter.

Premarun Barik

As a councilor of the vibrant Bichitra Bengali community, I am passionately immersed in fostering unity and cultural pride. While I diligently pursue my third-year PhD at the esteemed University of Manitoba, Department of Physics, I find solace in exploring the world's myriad landscapes, capturing their essence through photography, and expressing my artistic spirit on canvases.

Dhurbojyoti Roy
Publication and digital media specialist

Dhruba is an IT professional. He spent his childhood in Bolpur-Shantiniketan. Dhruba loves to spend his time with his family. He loves to eat Bengali food like macher jhol, aalu posto. He wants to say thank you to all the viewers for viewing Bichitra’s web pages.

Asit Dey

Asit enjoys volunteering and loves to participate in different cultural activities. He likes to proliferate the passion for volunteering to the people he knows. His vision is to share and leverage the strengths to build a strong cultural and responsive community in Manitoba.