Oldest and Largest Bengali Association of Manitoba

Message from The President

Dear Bichitra members,

You all know that our Bengali Pohela Boishak (Bengali New Year) is not far away. It will be celebrated on April 15th (The Place will be Announced Soon). This year we will be glorifying our Bengali colors with a small AGM Meeting. The Program will start at 6:00 pm sharp. Please, we cordially request all the members to arrive on time to comply with the rental agreement that the place has to be evacuated within a particular time. If we can start the program at 6:00, we will be able to end it on time. In this regard, your presence is very crucial. A dazzling food, breathtaking cultural program, comedy show, dance, songs of Kishore Kumar and Modern Bengali will be entertained. An Electronic Invitation has been sent. Please check your Evite. Bichitra also cordially request all the members to pay their membership fees.
Single Yearly Membership Fee: $20.00.
Family Yearly Membership Fee: $40.00
We will accept credit cards. However, a service fee will be charged. For our cultural program (little ones and adult performers), please contact with Asit Dey at 204 770 8986 (deyasit4168@yahoo.com). Mrs. Prachi Dey will teach a dance from this Friday (March 31, 2017). If your kids are interested, please contact as soon as possible.
Thanks & Regards,

Asit Dey
President – Bicitra Bengali Association of Manitoba
Dated: March 28, 2017

Dear Bichitra members,

We need your help and support for the second fund raising event organized by the Hindu Society of Manitoba on June 25, 2016, named as "Flavour of India". Different food stalls will be organized on that day. The profit on the sale of the food will go to the Kalash Fund. Bichitra has been requested to prepare famous Bengali food that can be sold on the event day and we were specifically requested to prepare Calcutta Chinese and Bengali Sweets. We need volunteers to prepare the following sweets: Rosogolla, Malpoa, and Patisapta. We are required to prepare around 300 piece each type. I am very happy to announce that Mrs Archana Ghosh has graciously agreed to coordinate the event. Please contact Mrs. Ghosh (204-261-3557) or myself directly if you are willing to volunteer. The is a great opportunity for anyone to take part in this auspicious event. The cost of material will be provided by Bichitra and the Hindu Society of Manitoba. In addition, if you are also interested to take part in Folklorama, please contact Triparna Lahari (204-963-2146) or myself by the end of this week.

Wish you all the best and look forward to your support.

Thanks & Regards,

Asit Dey
President – Bicitra Bengali Association of Manitoba
Dated: June 8, 2016

Dear Bichitra members,

On behalf of the members of Executive Committee, may I take this opportunity to wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year 2014.

Firstly on a sad note, I would like to inform that Dr. Shibdas Biswas, our past President, one of the prominent senior member, and one of the pioneers and inspiration behind setting up of our Association over 35 years ago sadly passed away after a long illness. May his soul rest in peace.

An Eventful 2013
2013 was a very eventful year with the 35th anniversary of Bichitra, demonstrating the strong foundations we as a community have built in Winnipeg over the last quarter of a century. In the beginning of 2013 we saw the community come together for a fun-filled day at the Nababorsha & Rabindra-Nazrul Jayanti celebration. Canada day and Summer Camp weekend celebration was a huge success with each and every member who attended truly enjoyed. Later in October 2013, we had a great Durga Puja celebration at Hindu Temple with wonderful cultural events showcasing the great talents within the community. We also embraced ten new families new to Winnipeg with our warmth of affection. Special project events like Sanskritik Sandhya and Food Mela were nicely thought out, flawlessly executed with successful participation of all members across the spectrum.

Many congratulations to the organizing committee of Bichitra, for delivering all these successful events to our members. The programs were well organized with a variety of cultural attributes, youth participation, and lastly not forgetting the delicious food served in each of our events. The work and effort put in was clearly visible with praise and constructive positive criticism by our members for future improvements.

2014 – The Year of Change
A lot was done in 2013 but there is still so much to do and 2014 which will be equally challenging and important year for our community. Some of the key initiatives I would like to see implemented in 2014 are:

Promoting Bichitra as the largest Bengali association in Winnipeg Launching our first ever website, presenting "who we are" and "what we do", attracting new comers to Winnipeg with a better way of representing us as a community. This is also an avenue for better connectivity with all our members and the rest of the world.

FREE Bengali Education
In 2013, we saw the need to introduce FREE Bengali and cultural education to our young children. This action will be supported with effective contribution from our generous members. Our children are our future and we need to invest in them!

Organize Fundraiser while promoting Bengali cultural heritage
2014 will be a year of new era of fundraising events effectively promoting Bichitra and our rich cultural heritage. Our key objective would be engaging other communities in line with our cultural resemblance.

A Vibrant Community
The Association is over 35 years old and each of us in some capacity has contributed to its resilience. From the early days when our seniors settled in Winnipeg, they brought with them a sense of community that served them well in India. That same pioneering spirit led them to provide a home where we have gathered to celebrate cultural events and rejoice in our religious attributes.
It fills me with great pride that the Bichitra Bengali community has provided this young generation with a sense of belonging, a compass to our heritage, and a connection with our extended family.
The community is an evolving enigma and our job is not done. We have only laid the basic foundations but I believe one of the strengths of this community is that as much as it is focused on its cultural values of family and traditions, those same values encourage us all to embrace some of the positive aspects of the society. Working together and sharing ideas will give our generation the necessary strength to take the pioneering lead of our seniors and lead this community to greater prosperity.

In conclusion, I want to sincerely thank the volunteers, executives and members who have made Bichitra’s success possible.

Bhaskar Saha
President – Bicitra Bengali Association of Manitoba